As a Company, We Aim to Engage with the Local Communities Which We Are a Part of.

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of the Sekisui Chemical GroupHeart+Action

As social contribution activities that allow easy participation by individual employees, the Sekisui Chemical Group has been implementing programs such as TABLE FOR TWO and BOOK MAGIC.
In fiscal 2012, we further expanded these programs by promoting a new initiative known as Heart+Action. This program is based on activities involving international cooperation to help children and infants living in developing countries and those who are suffering from pediatric cancer. People only need about an hour to take part in the one of the many programs. Feedback received from participants included comments such as "It was easy to take part in" and "I'm glad to have been able to contribute to society through such a simple activity."

Overview of Each Program

Send a Picture Book

An activity involving international cooperation in which stickers are stuck on Japanese picture books with translations of the text in languages of countries or regions where almost no children's books are published. They are then delivered to children through Education Sponsorship in Asia, a specified non-profit corporation.

Stickers being affixed to Japanese picture books

Sort the Coins

An activity in which coins of foreign currencies collected in donation boxes set up at international airports are sorted into the main countries of origin and used to help improve living standards in developing countries and in restoration efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake through the authorized NPO, Japan Habitat Association.

Coins of various countries being sorted

Send the Sounds

Through the NPO The Lifestyle Research Institute of Forests, we give African calimba musical instruments that are made out of thinned out trees from forests in Japan to young children suffering from pediatric cancer.

Making a calimba with the SEKISUI logo carved into it

Send a Textbook

Participating in international cooperative activities by creating handmade teaching materials in the Bengali numbers and having them delivered to the children of Bangladesh through the NPO ESA (Education Sponsorship in Asia).

A homemade textbook displaying Bengali numerical characters