Local Communities

As a Company, We Aim to Engage with the Local Communities Which We Are a Part of.

Management Approach

Basic ConceptContributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Society as a Corporate Citizen

As a member of the local communities in which it operates, Sekisui Chemical Group proactively deploys social contribution activities and thereby hopes to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The Group engages in social contribution activities to help solve issues faced by local communities, such as creating safe and secure cities in collaboration with local communities and support programs that assist developing countries.

Major Initiatives

Housing Company InitiativesContributions to Local Communities by Factories, Including Tours for Social Studies Classes

Kyushu Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd., located in Saga Prefecture, aims to help bring joy to its customers and regularly conducts activities rooted in the local community to that end.

In recent years, the numbers of people choosing to find employment within Saga Prefecture have been low, and companies in the prefecture face an ever-worsening situation in terms of labor shortages and difficulties securing talent. This has become an issue to resolve if the region is to be revitalized. In response to these issues in the region, the Company has been accepting students, primarily in elementary and middle school, for programs in which they tour factories as part of a series social studies field trips with the aim of conveying to the local community what manufacturing companies there are locally and the joys of manufacturing.

Although we have implemented factory tours in the past, we participated in a meeting with school principals in Saga Prefecture in fiscal year 2018 and carried out promotional activities such as factory tour PR. As a result, we were able to welcome a total of 2,107 people to our factory tours.

In addition, our experience recreation of the Kumamoto earthquake was praised, with participants sharing comments such as “it was a truly precious experience that made me more conscious and aware of disaster prevention.”

The company will continue to increase its collaboration with the local community so as to make its contribution to it.

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Learning about “creating things” through factory tours