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Designation of "RobecoSAM Sustainability award as Gold Class"
Feb 3, 2017


SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (President: Teiji Koge, hereinafter called "SEKISUI CHEMICAL") has been designated with a sustainability ranking of "Gold Class" by RobecoSAM*1, which is a global SRI*2 (Social Responsibility Investment) investigation and ranking company.

On this occasion, 264 out of approx. 3,400 major global corporations (25 of which, including SEKISUI CHEMICAL were Japanese) were selected for sustainability award.
This is the seventh consecutive year, since 2011, that SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been designated.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL has also been selected for the fifth year in a row by the "World Index" of the "Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)."


*1: RobecoSAM evaluates the corporate sustainability of major global corporations every year from CSR aspects ("economy", "environment", and "society"), and the highly ranked companies of each industry receive "Gold", "Silver", or "Bronze." The “Industry Leader” category has been discontinued since this year.

*2: An initialism for Socially Responsible Investment. The investment methods evaluate businesses not only from the financial aspect, but also from the environmental and social aspects, etc.

RobecoSAM Sustainability award as Gold Class

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