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Announcement Concerning the Establishment of “SEKISUI Corporate Governance Principles”
Oct 29, 2015


SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (the “Company”) hereby announces the establishment of “SEKISUI Corporate Governance Principles,” which are the SEKISUI CHEMICAL GROUP (the “Group”)’s own principles that systematically document its approaches and initiatives concerning corporate governance.

The Company understands that the application of the “Corporate Governance Code” by the Tokyo Stock Exchange effective June, 2015 is a reflection of social demand and also represents an opportunity for us to strengthen our corporate governance. Our efforts to respond to this have led to the establishment and the announcement of these Principles.

The Company as a group will continue to endeavor to strengthen its corporate governance further going forward.


SEKISUI Corporate Governance Principles  [PDF:198KB]

Based on these Principles that systematically document the initiatives of the Company for the improvement of its corporate governance, we will strive to reinforce our business foundation and to increase the transparency and fairness of our management.

 (Outlines of the Principles)

 【Chapter I  General Provisions】


The Sekisui Chemical Group sets forth as the basic policy for corporate governance the promotion of sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term enhancement of the corporate value. Under this policy, we will strive to improve its corporate governance aiming to realize its corporate philosophy and other Group principles.


 【Chapter II  Relationship with Stakeholders】


We will fulfill the fiduciary duty to all stakeholders for our mutual prosperity. We will also execute the capital policy appropriately including “cross-shareholdings” and the relevant exercising of voting rights to creation of the corporate value.


 【Chapter III  Ensuring Appropriate Information Disclosure and Transparency】


We will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the Principle and the Policy of Corporate Information Disclosure. We will also strengthen two-way communication with our shareholders based on the “Basic Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders.”


 【Chapter IV  Corporate Governance System】


The Company currently chooses to be a company with the Kansayaku Board (Audit and Supervisory Board) as an organizational structure under the Companies Act. The Company ensures the management transparency and fairness by strengthening its supervisory function (Board of Directors) and audit system while responding quickly to the changes in the business environment with appropriate delegation of authority under the executive officer system. In addition, the Company is considering the establishment an optional advisory committee on such matters as nomination and remuneration to supplement the functions of the board of directors.


Initiatives of the Company concerning the Principles of the Corporate Governance Code [PDF:248KB]

This document explains the initiatives and approaches of the Company concerning all 73 principles of the Corporate Governance Code.


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