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"Information Technology General Award" Received from the Japan Institute of Information Technology"
Dec 4, 2014


Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (President: Naofumi Negishi, hereinafter called "Sekisui Chemical") has been awarded the FY2014 (32nd) "Information Technology General Award" by the Japan Institute of Information Technology (Chairman: Noritaka Uji, hereinafter called "JIIT"). The IT award is made by JIIT to companies and groups within the Japanese industrial world that have been identified as paying firm effort to the revolution of management by making good use of IT, and thus achieving excellent results.

The "IT General Award" received by Sekisui Chemical on this occasion is the highest possible IT award, and is awarded when a company is confirmed as having strategically advanced business activities through an effective fusion of management and IT, and of becoming an exemplar across both today and tomorrow.

Sekisui Chemical developed its own groupware, "Smile" with functions such as e-mail, a scheduler, and e-conferencing in 2003. Our in-house development led to a major impact in knowledge management and cost reduction, in addition to responding promptly to the desire for function expansion. Further, security has also been reinforced by monitoring the use status through ID management linked to employee certification. In FY2013, Sekisui Chemical migrated from "Smile" to IaaS* for the purposes of expanding mailbox capacity, rendering server maintenance and upgrades obsolete, and unifying our globally-shared information base. Involvement within the Sekisui Chemical Group in this chain of activities was highly regarded as a "system developed in-house for in-house use. On this occasion, involvement that voluntarily adopts the latest technology by minimizing system investment, including personnel costs, is a model for others", leading to the award.

※IaaS:: "Infrastructure as a Service"
  Enables the remote use of an information systems base (infrastructure) as an internet service.

In addition, the award ceremony and its commemorative lecture will be held during the "30th Information Technology & Management Conference (ITMC 2015)" sponsored by JIIT on February 5 (Thu) and 6 (Fri), 2015.


JIIT Website(Japanese): http://www.jiit.or.jp/information/detail/info3372.html


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