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Interlayer Film with Milky-white Gradation for Laminated Glass "Cielora™" Sales Launch
Nov 6, 2013


-Attaining beauty through gradation-


From March 2014, High Performance Plastics Company (President: Takayoshi Matsunaga) of SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (President: Naofumi Negishi) will begin sales of "Cielora™" the new interlayer film with milky-white gradation for laminated glass for constructions with combined designability and safety.


I. About the Interlayer Film

The interlayer film for laminated glass is a resin film that improves all manners of functions. One function being glass spatter prevention; this prevention is because the film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. The market for automotive and building applications is expanding from the viewpoints of safety and comfort.




About the Interlayer Film 


II. Sekisui Chemical Interlayer Film Business

Ever since the start of production in 1958, Sekisui Chemical has seen smooth growth to now hold the world's No. 1 share (Sekisui Chemical estimate) through development centered on automobiles and technology to improve the high performance of interlayer film as the S-LEC™ brand. Further, Sekisui Chemical has 6 production bases (Japan, China, Thailand, Netherlands, USA, and Mexico), and 16 sales bases.


III. "Cielora™" Overview

"Cielora™" is the world's first (according to Sekisui Chemical research) interlayer film with excellent designability and milky-white gradation for a naturally beautiful flow in addition to  glass spatter prevention and UV filtering, which are the basic functions of an interlayer film. There were major reactions when we exhibited reference samples at Glasstec 2012, which is the world's largest EU glass exhibition. As well as launching sales in March 2014, the "Cielora™" brand will also permeate the construction market.

1. Laminated Glass Market for Construction

Laminated glass for construction is broadly divided into exterior uses, such as windows and handrails, and interior uses, such as partitions and is mainly used from the viewpoints of crime prevention, and spatter prevention if the glass is broken.
The milky-white gradation interlayer film "Cielora™" creates a new interlayer film market in the construction field by adding the fresh viewpoint of designability.


2. "Cielora™" Features

A beautiful milky-white gradation has been achieved by mixing milky-white pigments in the interlayer film based around Sekisui Chemical know-how for manufacturing gradations, which has been cultivated for automotive applications.
The product has excellent designability in addition to its existing safety, crime prevention, and UV filtering performance.


 (1) Safety and Crime Prevention



The product prevents spatter and penetration by flying shards if the glass breaks, and is also effective in crime prevention.


(2) UV Filtering Performance



The product cuts off over 99% of UV light, which burns skin and causes interior discoloration and wear.


(3) Designability



The beautiful gradation enables high designability for buildings and presents spaces with a high degree of freedom.
It also lends the glass the ability to protect privacy through shielding bothersome lines of sight.





Cielora™ cross-section image



 Cielora cross-section image





IV. "Cielora™" Application Examples

(1)Apartment terraces where privacy is a concern

Apartment terraces where privacy is a concern


(2)Glass-enclosed offices (meeting rooms)

Glass-enclosed offices (meeting rooms)


(3)Partitions that produce beautiful spaces

Partitions that produce beautiful spaces


(4) Example of use as partitioning

Example of use as partitioning




 S-LEC Film (Interlayer Film) Divisionlink


 Sekisui Chemical Group Exhibited at "Glasstec 2012"


Press Contact

Corporate Communication Department, Public Relations Group
Fax: +81-(0)3-5521-0510

Contact details for product enquiries are as described below.

  Metaalweg 5,6045 JB, Roermond, the Netherlands
  TEL: +31-(0)475-349900 E-mail: cielora@sekisui.com


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