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"Sekisui Environmental Week" Established Involving ALL Sekisui Chemical Group Employees
Aug 29, 2012
-Actualizing the Proposals from Children during the "Global Children's Eco Summit 2012"-

Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (President: Naofumi Negishi, hereinafter called Sekisui Chemical) organized the "Global Children's Eco Summit 2012" for seven days from 1 August (Wed) to 7 August (Tue) as an event to commemorate 65 years since the founding of the company. Organized on an expanded scale for the first time in five years since the 60th anniversary of the founding of the company, a total of 85 children of company employees at the major sites around the world participated in environmental studies and exchange with different cultures.
On the final day of the summit, 11 directors, including three company presidents under the president of Sekisui Chemical, participated, and received from the children declarations on their implementation for the environment, and proposals regarding the environment. Upon receiving these proposals, Sekisui Chemical resolved to organize every August a "Sekisui Environmental Week" to expand and establish to all sites within the Sekisui Chemical Group involvement in environmental contribution activities, such as nature protection activities, based on the conservation of biodiversity that has been promoted to date.

■ "Sekisui Environmental Week" established: Actualizing proposals from children

Having received the proposals from the children, it was resolved to organize a "Sekisui Environmental Week" every August. During Sekisui Environmental Week, involvement in contributing to the environment is scheduled with the participation of approx. 20 thousand employees at over 200 Sekisui Chemical Group sites around the world.

Further, in addition to Sekisui Environmental Week, discussions are progressing regarding the selection standards to actualize the proposal of Declaring "the most ecological person" within the Sekisui Chemical Group every year.

There were also many other opinions in addition.
Opinions from Children
  • We want you to create biodegradable products that are friendly to the environment, and housing that uses natural light
  • We would like you to prepare educational materials for children on the subject of protecting habitat-specific living creatures
  • We want you to establish in the future as well opportunities for learning like the Eco Summit
  • Etc.
■ Appointing children as "Eco Ambassadors". Sequential implementation of activities reports in sites around the world

The children who participated in the summit were appointed "Eco Ambassadors". The children will implement sequentially their summit activities reports in their local sites. The sites around the world will receive the reports from the children, and discuss their implementation in local business and environmental activities.

Scenes from the Global Children's Eco Summit 2012

Scenes from the Global Children's Eco Summit 2012

Scenes from the "Global Children's Eco Summit 2012" (August 7, Kyoto International Conference Center)


(Reference: Outline of the "Global Children's Eco Summit 2012")

1. Theme/Purpose

The main theme is "Thinking about the future, living in harmony with nature". At the summit, children with high environmental awareness discussed and ultimately announced what needs to be done to bequeath the rapidly vanishing nature to the next generation, based on a sustainable business, which is the aim of Sekisui Chemical. Further, the president made a declaration regarding contributions to the environment, responding to proposals made by children.
The plan is to expand and establish to all sites around the world their involvement in environmental contribution activities, such as nature protection activities, based on greater conservation of biodiversity, in light of these activities.
Sekisui Chemical aims to be a business that grows around the axis of the environment, as well as supplying services and developing products that link to social and environmental contributions, and to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, based on the environmental ideal of "aim to be a Global Environmental Top Runner that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by enabling the continuous growth and co-existence of the ecology and the economy".

2. Activity Summary

The children studied the world heritage sites of Nara and Kyoto to understand the historical value of the buildings, and by studying the building materials and construction methods they used, they learned to appreciate the gifts of nature.
During a field survey of Lake Biwa, they experienced deep water and encountered the relationships between the native fish and the people who live there, to learn the blessings of the lake and the importance of water.
Further, they studied the unique environmental contribution activities of the local Japanese sites, and searched for ideas for activities suited to other sites around the world.
In addition, they discussed the future composition of the environment in light of these experiences and from activities in their native countries and regions where they live, and made declarations on their implementation for the environment, and proposals regarding the environment.

Schedule: 1 August (Wed) to 7 (Tue) August, 2012
Sponsor: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
With cooperation from NGO "RAMSAR CENTER" (environmental education program)
Participants: Children of employees from around the world (32 from Japan and 53 from outside Japan)
(Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, UK, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and Australia)
  Day 1: 1 August (Wed)
"Learning" section
  Day 2: 2 August (Thu)
Plant tour: Kinki Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd.
Tour of World heritage site: Todaiji temple
  Day 3: 3 August (Fri)
Tour of World heritage site: Kinkakuji temple
Plant tour: Shiga Ritto Plant
  Day 4: 4 August (Sat)
Environmental education program (1): Experiencing the depths of Lake Biwa
Environmental education program (2): Experiential learning of creatures (Biwa trout) unique to Lake Biwa
Environmental education program (3): Classroom study of activities to improve the environment around Lake Biwa
  Day 5: 5 August (Sun)
Environmental education program (4): KODOMO Ramsar International Wetlands Exchange
"Thinking" section
  Day 6: 6 August (Mon)
Discussion and preparation for the Summit
"Declaration" section
  Day 7: 7 August (Tue)
Global Children's Eco Summit (Kyoto International Conference Center)
  Activities announcements, environmental proposals from the children, and a declaration regarding environmental contributions from the president

ECO Summit

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