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Appeal for themes for the 11th Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support<We have closed the list>
May 21, 2012


Sekisui Chemical supports research into
"innovations inspired by nature"

We have closed the list for the 11th Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support themes. Thank you for a large number of applications.

Towards the formation of a sustainable society that focuses on a 100 years or even 1,000 years into the future... Currently, we are seeking design technologies for new functional materials and the development of futuristic technologies to reduce the environmental impact through biological resources.

"SEKISUI CHEMICAL Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support Program" offers financial assistance totaling 25 million yen per annum for researches to use in creating "natural" functions by putting into practice basic science knowledge learned from nature.

We are seeking biomimetic sciences that will play an important role in the advent of richer life, biotechnology, materials sciences that employ reusable resources, and related-technologies by protecting the global environment and replacing dried-up underground resources.

Research Support Application Requirements

Application Qualifications

As a rule, the subject should be an independent, individual researcher (including research in small groups, however) as one theme. Totally free application system.

Amount of Research Support

The total sum is 25 million yen per annum, with the maximum amount per case being 3 million yen. Further, the amount of research support received may differ from the amount applied for. The research support is processed as a "scholarship".

Research Support Conditions

There are no particular restrictions to how the research support is used. The money can be used for experimental equipment, to purchase consumables, materials, and indirect materials, for heating and lighting costs, to purchase software, for document reproduction, to purchase books, to create reports, or for assistant personnel costs, etc.

Research Support Period

The 11th period is one year (from October 2012 to September 2013)
Research support within the period is possible if the period of one year needs to be exceeded due to the nature of the research, so please consult Sekisui Chemical.

Obligations and Conditions after Research Support Has Been Granted

1. Participation in the Research Results Presentation
You must participate in the forum that is scheduled after the end of the research support period, and present your research results. (Approximately October 2013)

2. Presentation of Documents upon Conclusion
Final results report (Deadline: Last day of November 2013)

3. Research Support Description Obligations
During presentations and paper submissions both in-house and externally regarding the research, you must describe the research support received as the "SEKISUI CHEMICAL Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support Program".

4. Paperwork Obligations
Present the designated "Research Support Consent Form" separately, which obligates you to report the balance of payments and any other procedures before changing the purpose of use.
Further, if the research for which the research support was granted is stopped or changed greatly, depending on the circumstances, the decision on the submission may be cancelled, or you might be asked to repay the research support money.

5. Other
The award ceremony will be held on October 15, 2012 (Monday), and you will be required to participate. (Note: This year, the ceremony is scheduled to be held in Tokyo.)

Selection Methods

The evaluation committee shall make their selection by examining the documents.
Committee chairman: Mikiharu Kamachi
Honorary Professor, Osaka University, and former head of the Society of Polymer Science / Macromolecule Synthesis

Notification of Results

The results will be notified in writing to all applicants by the beginning of September 2012 once the decision has been made.
Note that the judges cannot give reasons for their decision, so please refrain from asking.

Application Period

May 21, 2012 (Monday) to June 29, 2012 (Friday) (Application must arrive during this period.)

Application Method

Applicants must apply using the following procedure.
1. Apply via the website (online registration) → 2. Check the confirmation e-mail → 3. Send the "Application Form for Research Support" and the "Electronic Data" by mail

1. Online application registration from the website
Apply using the following URL.

We have closed the list for the 11th Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support themes. Thank you for a large number of applications.

2. Check the confirmation e-mail
We will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you registered when you entered your application. (Automated system response)
The confirmation e-mail is required for the application, so print a copy.

3. Use the postal service to supply a complete set of the application form for research support and electronic files
Prepare the following documents and electronic data (on CD-ROM), and then use the postal service to mail them.

Documents to Be Supplied Printouts Electronic Data (CD-ROM)
1. Application Form for Research Support
Note: Download from the following URL.
(Application form signed and sealed by the head of your organization x1)
necessary (PDF format)
(Does not require signature or seal of the head of your organization)
2. Printout of the confirmation e-mail necessary (x1) -
3. Reference materials for evaluation
•Establishment of the research, and papers, etc.
necessary (x2 each) -

Note: Downloading the "Application Form for Research Support"
As a rule, download and use the "Application Form for Research Support" from the following URL in MS-Word format.

Research Support Application file: MS-Word format     PDF format

Note: Precautions when Completing the Form
Enter your application for research support using a computer. If you are a researcher with an organization, make sure to obtain approval from the head of the organization (department head in a university, or head of a faculty, etc.) for each application. Further, note that your "Application Form for Research Support" cannot be returned. However,the personal information in your application form will be handled in strict confidence according to Sekisui Chemical's Privacy Policy.

4. Check that all "Application Form for Research Support" and "Electrical data" documents have been received
•We will send a confirmation by e-mail within ten days of receipt by mail (or parcel delivery service).


"SEKISUI CHEMICAL Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support Program" Office
2-2 Kamichoshi-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8105, Japan
Contact: Mr. Sano
Tel: +81-(0)75-662-8604
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