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Donating Part of Sales to Disaster Affected Areas upon the 60th Anniversary of the Launch of "ESLON" Pipe
Mar 12, 2012
SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD (President: Naofumi Negishi) celebrates the 60th anniversary for the sales of hard PVC pipe "ESLON" Pipe this year, which is used as a drainage material in homes, and for drinking and sewage water, and for agricultural water. In celebration, Sekisui Chemical has decided to donate part of the sales of this and related products to local governments hit by disasters, as described below.

1.Details: 50 yen each shall be donated for one bundle of "ESLON" Pipe (VP, VU, and HI; see Note 1) and one case of joints (TS, DV, DVVU, and HI; see Note 2) as disaster relief.
2.Recipients: Local governments hit by disasters (Division in charge of drinking and sewage water, agricultural water, and home reconstruction.)
3.Period: 1 year from April sales (Donates are scheduled for two lump sums six months apart)
4.Target donation: 100 million yen

Note 1: "ESLON" PipeNote 2: Joints
VP: Thick pipes for pressurized piping (tap water, drinking water, and agricultural water applications)
VU: Thin pipes for unpressurized piping (drainage and sewage)
HI: Thick, shock-resistant pipes
TS: Joints for pressurized pipes
DV: Joints for unpressurized pipes (VP pipes)
DVVU: Joints for unpressurized pipes (VU pipes)
HI: Joints for shock-resistant pipes

Sekisui Chemical's Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Products Company dispatched a "disaster reconstruction project team" to the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, 2011, to contribute to reconstruction and rebuilding through supplying urgent resources, starting with portable toilets for disasters, and supporting the laying of "Eslo Hyper" polyethylene pipes for water distribution.
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