Global Expansion

Since first starting overseas operations more than 50 years ago, we have expanded our business globally and continued to grow with our prominent technologies and products.
Our aim has been to further expand our business by accurately identifying customer needs, and providing products that specifically suit each locality.

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group Throughout the World

Global Development of Business
  • North America

    • Number of companies 11

    • Sales: 77.5billion yen

  • Europe

    • Number of companies 17

    • Sales: 60.5billion yen

  • Asia

    • Number of companies 48

    • Sales: 124.3billion yen

  • Other areas(Australia, Middle East and Latin America)

    • Number of companies 7

    • Sales: 12.4billion yen

* for the term ended March 2018; on a consolidated basis.
* Japan is not included under Asia region.

Main products

Company name Product name Mainly offered in
North America Europe Asia Other areas
Housing Prefabricated modular houses and housing estate development
Urban Intrastructure & Environmental Products Thermoplastic sheets
Pipeline renewal materials
Resin rain gutters
Fiber-reinforced foamed urethane (FFU)
Static dissipative plates
Plant piping
Water infrastructure related materials
High Performance Plastics Interlayer films for laminated glass
Polyolefin foams
Polyvinyl alcohol
Diagnostic reagents and analyzers
Pharmacokinetic Studies
Packaging tapes
Vacuum blood collection tubes
Molded resin products for automotive parts
Heat dissipation materials
Electronics related products
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin/compound


  • Thermal insulation material for pipes and ducts

    In Australia, we have been engaged in the foam business since the 1970s, and it led to the creation of the THERMOBREAK brand of pipe and duct insulation materials in the 1990s.

  • Thermoplastic sheets

    Our business in thermoplastic sheets started in the US in 1990 from an M&A that we were involved in. Since then, we have deployed two brands, PVC-based KYDEX and ABSPC/ABS-based ALLEN, and earned high acclaim in the European and US markets.

  • Prefabricated Modular houses

    Since 2009, we have been engaged in the housing business in Thailand, and have rolled out the SCG Heim brand through a joint venture with a local firm. In 2013, we also opened a mass production plant to meet the diverse demand in the country.

Global Data

Overseas sales trends

Sales by Region (Overseas)

Sales by region
(Millions of yen)

Overseas sales
ratio (%)

  • 1. The fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31 the following year.
  • 2. Results for FY2012 were over a 15-month period from January 2012 to March 2013 for overseas subsidiaries (fiscal year for overseas subsidiaries were revised and standardized to end in March).


  • Entered the U.S. market as the first Japanese manufacturer in 1963

    SEKISUI PLASTICS CORPORATION first opened in Pennsylvania, U.S. to manufacture polystyrene foam paper. It was the very first Japanese plant to set up in the U.S. This typifies the frontier spirit of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.

  • Contribution Activities to Global Society

    SEKISUI Environment Week is an annual event devoted to environmental protection activities on a global scale.In commemoration of our 70th anniversary in 2017, 47 children of Group employees from 13 countries gathered in Japan to learn about the environment during the Global Children's Eco Summit 2017.