Business Introduction

We carry out our businesses in the fields of residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions with three Divisional Companies, Medical business, and the Corporate Headquarters.
We have established “Innovation for the Earth” as our vision statement under our long-term vision, “Vision 2030”. Focusing on four domains, we are aiming to create “peace of mind that continues into the future” toward the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to generate innovation.

Innovation for the Earth

Sekisui Chemical group's Business Introduction

  • High Performance Plastics Company

    High Performance Plastics Company

    We contribute to solving social issues and globally supplies advanced, high-performance materials that advance customer products and services.

  • Urban Intrastructure & Environmental Products Company

    Urban Intrastructure & Environmental Products Company

    We contribute to the development of safe and convenient infrastructure and water environments.

  • Housing Company

    Housing Company

    We conduct business based on the principle of providing environmentally-friendly housing for safe and comfortable living for at least 60 years.