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The Creation of Value by the Sekisui Chemical Group

Our Principles

The Sekisui Chemical Group’s principles embody our Corporate Philosophy, which expresses the concepts and policies at the root of our corporate activities, Group Vision, which expresses the ideal form of the Group aimed for over the medium to long term based on the Corporate Philosophy, and specific Management Strategies, such as Midterm Management Plans, to realize the Group Vision.

We are able to manage operations in a consistent manner by taking a comprehensive view and adopting a systematic approach that extends from our Corporate Philosophy that expresses our long-term priorities through to the Management Strategies created to address changes in market conditions and modern society.

Group Principle

* Social and society: The entire society including “five stakeholders” (“customers,” “shareholders,” “employees,” “business partners,” “local community and the environment”) which have been prescribed in the “corporate philosophy” to date.

Please see the Group Principles web pages for further details about the Sekisui Chemical Company's .Corporate Philosophy, Group Vision and other elements.

Value Creation Model

The Sekisui Chemical Group provides products and services that help solve issues that arise in home living and social issues in the chemicals field, by utilizing resources from society such as people (human capital), goods (manufacturing capital), money (financial capital), knowledge (intellectual capital), the environment (natural capital), and the trust of customers (social capital).

The Group aims to create value within the context of the human capital, intellectual capital and natural capital that it used in the process of providing products and services. At the same time, the Group realizes growth in financial capital from the value (i.e. profit) of its products and services.

Value Creation Model

*HPP: High Performance Plastics Company, Housing: Housing Company, UIEP: Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company


Group Position

Since introducing the divisional company system in 2001, the Sekisui Chemical Group has pursued growth strategies and structural reforms based on three strongly independent divisional companies: the High Performance Plastics Company, the Housing Company, and the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company. Each divisional company offers a large number of high-value-added products based on our superior technologies.

Many products have top-class shares of global and domestic markets, such as interlayer films for automobiles, cholesterol diagnostic reagents and homes with solar-power generation systems. The Group has grown in scale to exceed net sales of 1 trillion yen and operating income of 80 billion yen, while steadily developing global business to account for more than 25% of total sales.

High Performance Plastics Company

*Please see the High Performance Plastics Company web page for further details.

Housing Company

*Plese see the Housing Company web page for further details.

Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company

*Plese see the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company web page for further details.