Exhibition at Eco Products 2016


Date and time December 8 (Thursday) – December 10 (Saturday), 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on Saturday)
Location Tokyo Big Site, East Exhibition Hall, East Hall 1-6
Exhibition Booth East Hall 4, Section No. [4-002]
Exhibition Content

Resilient Future Lifestyles Created through Sekisui Chemical Group Products

Sekisui Chemical proposes products with new dimensions through resilience that integrates three different types of "strengths"

Protection: Resilience that enables long-lasting strength

  • Housing Company
    • Smart Heim City
  • Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products (UIEP) Company
    • Emergency/security packages for detached home owners
    • ESLON rain gutters, ESLON overflow sockets
    • ESLON drinking water storage systems, ESLON seismic-resistant water drainage kits
    • ESLON pressure relief lids, ESLON RainPot rainwater storage systems
  • High Performance Plastics (HPP) Company
    • Non-combustible polyurethane foam
  • Other
    • Skin-Rib Sheet (under development)

Dexterity: Ability to flexibly adapt to change

  • Housing Company
    • Smart Power Station homes (V To Heim system)
  • HPP Company
    • Self-light emitting interlayer films (under development)
  • Other
    • Film-type lithium-ion batteries (under development)
    • Film-type dye-sensitized solar cells (under development)
    • Town Energy Management System (TEMS) (under development)

Restoration: The ability to quickly recover

  • Housing Company
    • Airyshade Fractal Sunshade
  • UIEP Company
    • Geothermal Eslo Heat, Esloheat wastewater heat recycling system
    • Resin-based Migusa Tatami
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  Sekisui Chemical’s Initiatives to Create New Eco/Energy-based Businesses

   Satoshi Uenoyama: Senior Managing Executive Officer Responsible for Corporate

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