Medium-term Plan

The Sekisui Chemical Group Has Put in Place a CS & Quality Policy under Its Medium-term Management Plan

The Medium-term Plan (FY2014-2016) ProgressExternal failure costs declined compared with fiscal 2014

In fiscal 2016, the final year of the medium-term plan, we had zero major quality issues1. External failure costs2 were lower than in fiscal 2014. To maintain zero major quality issues, we aim to improve Basic Qualities by ensuring thorough adherence to the Development Guidelines and Everyday Management Guidelines throughout the entire Group. We aim to further cut external failure costs by continuing to enhance Group-wide quality assurance systems, manage change, and deploy activities to reduce quality related risks by preventing defects before they happen.

1 Major quality issues: Problems related to product and service quality that could cause significant damage to customers, society, or the Sekisui Chemical Group if not thoroughly resolved on an urgent basis.
2 External failure costs: Costs arising from responding to product-related complaints.


CS品質経営CS & Quality Management Activity Roadmap


Manufacturing EducationRebuilding our manufacturing education system

Since fiscal 2013, the Sekisui Chemical Group has been rebuilding its employee grade-based training system for managers in production departments in order to spread knowledge of manufacturing throughout all levels, from back-office staff to the plant floor. We offer courses in the three fields of technical skills (policy management, quality management, facility management, safety management, etc.), human skills and conceptual skills, further dividing classes into plant leaders, line managers, and front line supervisors.

In fiscal 2016, we received Japan Quality Recognition Award* from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) on November 9 in recognition of our achievements related to manufacturing training systems. The Sekisui Chemical Group also employs QC Certification* effectively to measure levels of quality knowledge, and as of the end of fiscal 2016, over 4,000 members of the Company had attained QC Certification.

Japan Quality Recognition Award: A system that recognizes constructive and innovative efforts, and the outcome of these efforts, that serve as models for other organizations with regard to elements comprising TQM (general basic items and individual key items in the TQM Incentive Award, as well as outcome evaluation items).


Product SafetyCompliance with laws and internal rules for product safety

When a legal violation related to product safety becomes known internally or is pointed out from external sources, the Sekisui Chemical Group rapidly discloses information about the incident and moves quickly to discover the cause and prevent a reoccurrence. This is also true if internal rules and standards for product safety have not been followed.

In fiscal 2016, there were no cases where we violated laws or internal rules related to product safety.


New CS & Quality Medium-term Plan (FY2017 to FY2019)

New CS & Quality Management Activity Roadmap