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Corporate Philosophy

The "3S Principle"(Service、Speed、Superiority)


※ Social and Society : The entire society including "Five Stakeholders"( "Customers," "Shareholders," "Employees," "Business Partners," "Local Communities and the Environment")which have been prescribed in the "Corporate Philosophy

Five Stakeholders

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders "Customers," "Shareholders," "Employees," "Business Partners," "Local Communities and the Environment,"and contribute to society through its business activities, and has embodied this ambition in its Corporate Philosophy called the “3S Principle” (Service, Speed, and Superiority).

5つのステークホルダー 理念図

"3S Principle"

Our company badge comprises the three S's of the company's original name, adopted at the time of its foundation, "SEKISUI SANGYO" enclosed in a hexagonal shape resembling a tortoise shell(the chemical symbol for benzene), symbolizing the Chinese character meaning "water."

In November 1959, this mark was defined as the "3S Principle" and formally established as the company creed.

"The difference between people living their lives in accordance with ideals and those simply going where the currents and eddies of life take them becomes ever more apparent as the long years of their lives pass. The same is true of business. Only when employees mass under a common ideal arising from a basic policy of business management can the company demonstrate its great power as a corporate community."

It was in the spirit of this intent that the 3S Principle comprising Service, Speed and Superiority was established as the motto of SEKISUI. 

Origin of Company Name
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