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Group Principle

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group's Principle comprises elements such as our Corporate Philosophy, Group Vision that expresses an ideal form aimed for by the Group in the medium to long term, and our concrete Management Strategies to realize the Group Vision.

Based on "Group Principle", and by the unified efforts of all employees of the group we aim for a corporate group which is sustainable for the next 100 years.

Group Principle

Constitution of Group Principle

Corporate Philosophy-The "3S Principle"

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and contribute to society through its business activities, and has embodied this ambition in its Corporate Philosophy called the “3S Principle” (Service, Speed, and Superiority).


Group Vision

Through prominence in technology and quality,
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world and the Earth’s environment,
by continuing to open up new frontiers in residential and social infrastructure creation and chemical solutions.


Management Strategies(Midterm Management Plan)

・First step towards the target of doubling business capacity in the 2020s. SHIFTing growth quality
・The plan is for both quantitative growth (forward-looking investment) and qualitative transition (constant structural reform) for a "new phase of growth"
・Accelerating growth through a "fusion" of technologies, opportunities, and resources
・Promoting CSR management, which combines with business from the E/S/G viewpoints


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