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March 1947
Established Sekisui Inc. in order to run a general plastic business
January 1948
Our company's first plant, the Nara Plant
Our company's first plant, the Nara Plant
Opened the Nara Plant
And, with automatic injection molding started the first plastic automatic injection molding business in Japan
January 1948
Changed the company name to Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
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April 1950
Sekisui cellophane tape
Sekisui cellophane tape
Displayed trial product cellophane tape at the plastics exhibition
August 1951
Developed an "unbreakable telephone" using thermoplastic (Awarded the Industriay and Technology Agency Minister Award)
This product, manufactured with the 12 ounce injection molding machine first in japan, marked the start of the big growth of our injection molding business
August 1952
Eslon Pipe manufacture at the Kyoto plant
Eslon Pipe manufacture at the Kyoto plant
When the Kyoto plant opened, the monthly
production amount was 500 kg.
Five years later, the monthly production was over
1000 metric tonnes and it had become a core product.
Opened the Kyoto Plant and started full scale production of "Eslon Pipe", a hard PVC pipe
March 1953
Became listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange
April 1954
Became listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
December 1955
Succeeded in molding injection of the PVC pipe fittings that played an important role in the popularization of "Eslon Pipe"
June 1956
Developed Japan's first plastic rain gutters ("Eslon Rain Gutter")
April 1957
Opened a new plant in Nara that became the largest plastic molding plant in Asia
Interlayer film for laminated glass S-LEC begins commercial distribution
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August 1960
Shiga Ritto Plant around 1962
Shiga Ritto Plant around 1962
Shiga Ritto Plant opened and started manufacture of PVC pipe and PVC building materials
November 1960
Shiga Minakuchi Plant opened and started manufacture of polyvinyl butyral and interlayer film
March 1962
Started the "Clean up our streets movement " as a campaign commemorating the company's 15th anniversary
The Sekisui Poly-Pail was launched to replace traditional garbage bins and greatly improved the effectiveness of garbage collection.
The Sekisui "Poly-Pail" was launched to replace traditional garbage bins and greatly
improved the effectiveness of garbage collection.
July 1962
Musashi Plant opened and began manufacture of plastic tape and PVC tape
January 1963
Started manufacture of "Sekisui Bath" the first FRP ( fiber-reinforced plastic) bathtubs manufactured in Japan
April 1963
Sekisui Plastics Corporation was the very first plant to be set up in the U.S. by a Japanese manufacturer.
Sekisui Plastics Corporation was the very first
plant to be set up in the U.S. by a Japanese
Sekisui Plastics Corporation (SPC) opened in Pennsylvania, U.S., for the manufacture of expandable polystyrene paper
SPC was the very first plant to be set up in the U.S. by a Japanese manufacturer
March 1968
Polyolefin Foam "Softlon" began commercial distribution
Soft Sunoko,a soft non-slip bathroom mat were very popular at that time
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October 1970
Exhibited the "Sekisui Heim(Heim M1)" modular house at the International Good Living Show in Tokyo
February 1971
World’s first house made of factory-built modules, Sekisui Heim(Heim M1), goes on sale
Launched Eslon RCP reinforced plastic composite pipe product
March 1979
The medical project started in what used to be the Central Research Laboratory in 1979.
The medical project started in what used to be
the Central Research Laboratory in 1979.
Started the medical project in the Central Research Laboratory
November 1979
Awarded the Deming Prize, the highest honor for quality management, including production, sales and service
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March 1982
Started sales of "Two-U Home", a wooden structured modular house in Sendai, and expanded nationwide from 1984
December 1983
Home Refurbishing business begins full commercial operations
SPR method
"SPR method", pipe rehabilitation method
Developed the "SPR method", pipe rehabilitation method
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September 1996
The company's capital exceeded 100 billion yen
March 1997
The 50th anniversary of the company's founding
First photovoltaic equipped homes goes on sale
March 1999
Started the midterm management plan "GS21"
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March 2000
Achieved The first zero emission plants (Shiga Minakuchi Plant, Kyushu Sekisui Industries, Sekisui Film Taga Plant)
March 2001
The Company Division Organization started. The housing, urban infrastructure and environmental products, and high-performance plastics divisions names changed to Housing Company, Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Products Company and High Performance Plastics Company
June 2002
Founded the "Sekisui Chemical Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support Program "
October 2004
Started sales of the zero-utility cost house, "Grand To You" with the "2 x 6 Unit Construction Method"
April 2005
Established Sekisui Fuller Company, Ltd., as a joint venture for the adhesive business with H.B. Fuller Company (U.S.)
July 2006
Started full scale manufacture of the world's first "non-centrifugal vacuum blood collection tubes"
October 2006
Acquired Daiichi Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd.
March 2007
The "Global Children's Eco Summit" and the "Innovations Inspired by Nature - Junior Forum" were held as events for Sekisui's founding 60th anniversary
April 2008
Medical operations and Daiichi Pure Chemicals, Co., Ltd. were combined and SEKISUI MEDICAL CO., LTD. was established
May 2008
Acquired the Europe pipeline rehabilitation business company CPT and changed the company name to SEKISUI SPR EUROPE
August 2008
Acquired XENOTECH the American pharmacokinetics contract services business
April 2009
Establishment of the Sekisui Chemical Group vision
Formation of the new midterm management vision "GS21-SHINKA!"
July 2009
Acquired the polyvinyl alcohol-resin business from the American company Celanese Corporation and established SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS AMERICA ,LLC and SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS EUROPE ,S.L.
September 2009
Established a joint venture production and sales company in Thailand for the first overseas advancement of the housing business
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March 2010
2 Chinese medical-related subsidiaries merged to establish SEKISUI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (CHINA) LTD. : the name of Sekisui Trank was changed to SEKISUI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (CHINA) LTD.,
January 2011
Acquired the diagnostics business of the U.S.- based pharmaceutical
Company Genzyme Corporation and established SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS and related companies
April 2011
Launched the new Sekisui Heim next generation house "Smart Heim"
April 2011
Shin Smart Heim
"Shin Smart Heim" equipped with a built-in
large capacity storage batteries
Total sales of over 100,000 houses with built-in Sekisui Heim solar energy generation systems
April 2011
Acquired performance film manufacturer Suzutora Corporation and changed the company name to SEKISUI NANO COAT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
July 2011
Established a joint venture company SEKISUI DLJM MOLDING in India for a vehicle components molding business
December 2011
Acquired the business rights to the pipe rehabilitation company RABMER HOLDING in Austria
December 2012
Acquired Mitsubishi Plastics' Piping Materials Operations
February 2013
Establishment of water infrastructure business joint venture company SEKISUI KNT (HEBEI) ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in China
March 2013
Newly completed Thai modular house factory boasts annual production capacity of 1,000 houses
New Thai factory
New Thai factory
March 2013
The development and application of the "SPR method" for pipeline rehabilitation was awarded the Okochi Memorial Prize
April 2013
Establishment of vehicle components molding business joint venture company PT.ADYAWINSA SEKISUI TECHNO MOLDING in Indonesia
July 2013
Business alliance with TifoPlast, a major plastics manufacturer in Vietnam
March 2014
"Isoma molds" which Sekisui Chemical holds recognized as a chemical heritage by the Chemical Society of Japan
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